Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life to Deal With- Advice

When life is going hard, you just can't give up that easily. But when your love is going harder, you tend to fall flat on your face, not caring about anything else. Not even the mud or the grass that stains your life forever. Something that is inevitable and something a little hard to just scrub off without trying.
That's when you make a decision to stop and just take the easy way out... DEATH.
But if you don't learn from your pain, then there really is no gain, now is there? as many people have said before, no pain no gain. Something I seem to follow, as a result of my crazy and mixed up life, that suddenly is breaking apart again. But slowly is being able to be sewn back into place.
Sometime, when you plan to give up, it backfires. And sometimes when you plan to do something, it backfires. Going along with your plans is tricky. You never know when it's going to backfire, so you might as well go ahead with it, right?
But when other people don't want you to follow your gut feeling, then what? You fight. Then you fail. But then you eventually get what you want.
Let bygones be bygones and let your instincts tell you what to do. Not others. You write your own future. Not them. Not even god. Because, let's face it. If others wanted you to be married at the age of 24, then have kids, then we probably wou;dn't have all these teen mom and dad now would we? But some of them are happy.... and I am not saying I am a mom because I am not and have not done "it".
But if I truly knew I loved someone at the age of eighteen, I would. But then, that's just me....